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Founded in 1986, the Malaysian Invention and design Society (MINDS) is the largest body in Malaysia representing individuals, universities and companies who pursue excellence in invention, creativity, innovation, research and development, and industrial design.

MINDS is responsible for promoting high standards of invention and design, fostering professionalism and encouraging continuing professional development amongst its members.


  • To make Malaysia the centre of excellence for invention and industrial design through MINDS.
  • To encourage every Malaysian to be inventive and optimize each and every Malaysian invention for the benefit of the society.


  • To encourage Malaysians to be creative and inventive and advise, guide and assist in the utilization of their inventions and designs.


  • Magnanimity
  • Integrity
  • Novelty
  • Drive with passion & commitment
  • Sincerity


  • To encourage creative thinking and spirit of invention among the people and businesses of Malaysia.
  • To promote and enhance the development and utilisation of Malaysian inventions and designs.
  • To provide advice and guidance to individual inventors and designers as well as companies involved in research and development.
  • To offer support and guidance in the commercialisation of new inventions and products idea.
  • To provide professional development and training programmes to enhance competitiveness.