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International Warsaw Invention Show – IWIS 2020 Online


Date:  19-21 October 2020

Time: 10am – 4pm

Venue: Online

Website: iwis.polskiewynalazki.pl

Email: spwir.agnieszka@gmail.com

Person in charge: Agnieszka Mikołajska  / Office director of API&R

Contact: 781 066 200


Dear Representatives of IWIS 2020 International Delegations, Dear Individual Inventors!


We hereby officially inform you that this year due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the 14th edition of IWIS 2020 will be held online for long-distance mode participants.

 General formule of IWIS Competition won’t change. As every year all inventions and innovation will be evaluated by group of international jurors, which will be included recognized experts representing various scientific disciplines. They will make an assesment based on information about inventions and innovations, that authors of solutions will publish during online registration.

Final results will be published on 21th October 2020 on the website iwis.polskiewynalazki.pl and our Facebook fb.com/spwiriwis

We hope there will be one day physical Award Ceremony in Warsaw. We will inform you about the date of this ceremony as soon as possible. But unfortunately it depends on not our decision but global situation connected with COVID-19.

 IWIS 2020 is officially open for any applicants wishing to register to the competition from distance.

The competition will follow the same online entry process as usual. All applicants are required to complete their online application forms to be submitted to us through IWIS 2020 online registration.

All applicants can have the option to submit “video presentation” or PowerPoint Presentation of their projects.

The evaluation result will output the winners for Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals.

All medals and diplomas will be sent by post on participant’s adresses.


For more information about the competition procedures, please refer to iwis.polskiewynalazki.pl

Offer: http://iwis.polskiewynalazki.pl/#/en/Offer

Registration: https://iwis.polskiewynalazki.pl/online/#/user/register


Feel free to email us at  spwir.agnieszka@gmail.com or biurospwir@gmail.com for any questions you have.

We would be happy to respond back to you to fulfill  your needs.


Sincerely Yours,

SPWiR office


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